The Return of Corelle

I’m back! Just with a brief announcement. Some of you may recall that I posted a few months ago that I was looking for great suspense (and used my silly Corelle analogy).

So I’m thrilled to report that last week I sold an amazing literary suspense novel called BENT ROAD by first time novelist Lori Roy. It went to Denise Roy, at Dutton, at auction. Exciting stuff–Lori is the first new author I signed at the Bent Agency and we found her because she sent in an unsolicited query.

If you’re noting all the funny coincidences (her title; my name; her name; the editors name) you’re not alone. Corelle strikes again!

You also may recall that I had posted about needing interns. I found some great ones. One of them, Judy Walters, found Lori’s e-mail and knew it was something I would love. I’m seriously lucky to be working with Judy and Erin Sanger and Ryan Archer. These guys are smart and terrific and talented.

The take-away for the as yet undiscovered writers out there is that I am actively reading and considering unsolicited material. Nothing is more fun or satisfying than “discovering” a new writer that way, and nothing is more fun than selling someone’s first novel. I’m so excited about working with Lori from the ground floor of what I know will be an amazing career.

And I’m looking for more suspense, thrillers, literary horror. Something to fit the mood of these dark, dreary rainy days (which I hate to admit, but I’m kind of enjoying!)

On a practical note, if you sent me a query in late March and never heard back, you should probably resend it. We’re still catching up on April e-mails but I’m afraid that some of March may have slipped through the cracks.

And, you heard it here first, on a quiet summer Friday: we’re open for new queries once again. Please just e-query-we regret that we can’t respond to snail mail queries.

Happy weekend!

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12 Responses to The Return of Corelle

  1. Congrats on Bent Road. So inspiring. And it's great to hear you are open for queries once again. Have a super weekend!

  2. Katlin says:

    That book sounds great! Congrats! But I've been wondering. Your site says you take all kinds of genres but it didn't say anything about young adult novels. I sent you a query for a young adult thriller, though. Hope that's okay!

  3. Congrats to both you and Lori. Thrilling when an new author finds a home. Good to hear you are open for queries again. Great incentive to finish my WIP.

  4. Congrats to you and Lori. Thrilling when a new author finds a home. Good to hear you are taking queries again. Great incentive to finish my WIP.

  5. Sasha White says:

    Fantastic news on Bent Road. Congratulations to both you and Lori Roy.

  6. Kevbot says:

    It's so exciting about Bent Road! This type of news reminds me that stuff like this DOES happen. Terrific news for you both!

  7. Rie says:

    Congrats on Bent Road! And filling the intern positions. Sounds like you truly love your job!

  8. Bryce says:

    Here's a question about Bent Road: the literary suspense novels I've enjoyed most in recent years (e.g. by Tana French) are written in an eerie first person, a voice suited to suspense given that the narrator's ignorance is key to the story's tension. But I've often heard that agents will automatically delete queries for novels (especially first novels) written in the first person. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

  9. jennybent says:

    Hi Bryce,
    I'll confess to having "first person voice fatigue" myself. But there are always, always exceptions who prove the rule. Tana French, who I love, is one of them. And recently I've asked to see several manuscripts written in first person. I don't think agents are automatically deleting these queries–I certainly am not.

  10. terripatrick says:

    You wanted "Corelle" and it was yours, the repetitions of so many names etc, is fun assurance that your enthusiasm is on track. To all of you, agent, editor, writer – you go!

  11. Molly Evans says:

    Could you let us/me know the difference between a thriller and literary horror? also between "regular" horror and literary horror?
    Querying minds want to send you something.

  12. Molly Evans says:

    Could you let us/me know what the difference is between a thriller and literary horror? And the difference between "regular" horror and literary horror?
    Querying minds want to send you something.