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I’ve been asked to post about the conferences I’ll be attending this year. I’m excited about these–they’re all in great locations and have terrific faculty attending. I think they are all still open for folks to register.

The Kentucky Women Writers Conference is September 10th through 12th. An amazing line up of writers will be there and it seems like it will be a really warm and nurturing environment with lots of intensive workshops (and you know I’m in favor of those).

The Writers Digest Business of Getting Published is September 18th to 20th in New York City. I’ll be on a self-publishing panel (I’m a big fan of self-publishing as many of you know). Again, an amazing line-up, including an intriguing panel on book doctors. I don’t seem to be listed as a presenter, but that may be because after a nightmare of a picture of me was posted on the Kentucky website, I refused to provide a picture of myself on the grounds that I’m probably the least photogenic person on the planet.

The South Carolina Writer’s Workshop is from October 23 to 25. A number of great agents and editors are attending, including my agent friends Holly Root, Janet Reid and Jeff Kleinman. They’ll have some fantastic panels and workshops as you’ll see from the website.

Back to queries: It is our goal to respond to each and every query that comes our way. But the volume is still pretty heavy and sometimes the entire e-mail system breaks down and we lose stuff. So if you sent something in March or April and you never heard back, please send another query. Or, if it’s been two months and you haven’t heard back, please send another query. I apologize profusely for these kinds of delays and mishaps and promise that eventually we’ll have things worked out.

Looking forward to hearing from/meeting all of you.

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