Another Note on Queries

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  1. annerallen says:

    Thanks, Jenny. Adding the auto-response will quell anxieties. It seems so rude to re-send, but when we haven't heard, we can't help wondering if our fledglings landed safely.

  2. jennybent says:

    The only problem with the auto-response is as follows. If, god forbid, we have another crash and lose queries, the auto-response becomes useless. So I still recommend re-sending if you don't hear within a few months. This may result in a double rejection, I'm afraid, but it's still the best course of action. We really are getting caught up, so hopefully wait times will shorten considerably.

  3. ChristaCarol says:

    It's a pain, (an understatement), having to deal with server crashes in this kind of business, I'm sure. But it's awesome of you to be so communicative about it and to make it a point to respond back to all of your queries. More than awesome, really. Hope your IT guy does wonders for ya!