TBA Monthly Wishlist – May 2015

It’s time again for the Monthly Wishlist!  Here’s the ONE project that the TBA agents would love to see in their submission inbox. If you have something that fits with the below, please check out our submission guidelines and send it over. We can’t wait to read!



Molly Ker Hawn: I want sophisticated, beautifully-written YA contemporary novels that explore complex relationships.



Louise Fury: I would love to read a YA version of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN.



Susan Hawk: I’m hungry for YA stories about surviving some kind of massive natural disaster: man-made, environmental or planetary.  Needs to have a very strong concept and excellent characters — tell me what happens after our world is devastated.



Jenny Bent: A funny, quirky, literary family novel (for adults) like THE FAMILY FANG or WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES or THE VACATIONERS.



Heather Flaherty: YA contemporary, high-stakes romance.



Victoria Lowes: A lyrical historical fiction set in early 20th century NYC.  



Beth Phelan: I’d love to see YA family stories dealing with first-generation siblings, the conflicts with their parents, and issues balancing home life with their social one. Looking for emotionally resonant, but funny and heartfelt.



Gemma Cooper: I’m closing to queries as of 1st June 2015. Please query me when I reopen in August 2015.

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