Marketing: the Basics

As we continue our discussion on marketing, we wanted to put the focus on the basics — simple things that most everyone can do to get the word out about your books.  If you’re overwhelmed by marketing and all that it entails — start here!  Our TBA agents have all contributed one marketing tip.  If you’ve got others to share, or questions, please leave in the comments.  Enjoy!
Tweets with pictures often have more impact than just text, so always take every opportunity to share your book cover on twitter for maximum recognition. Attach it to tweets as well as adding links, or take photos of it at local bookstores – adding the bookstore handle and thanking them. Also, use your twitter header to show off your covers. It’s very simple and easy to do, look here. – Gemma Cooper
Remember to make it easy for agents, publishers, and other writers to find you online. Include links to your website, blog, and/or Twitter handle in queries, and all your social media platforms should point back to your website or blog!  – Brooks Sherman
Don’t forget to make buy links (Amazon, B&N and Indiebound) prominent on every page of your website including most of all the home page. The reader shouldn’t have to hunt to find them.  – Jenny Bent
Don’t be shy about asking bookstores if you can sign stock; most booksellers want to support local authors.  – Molly Ker Hawn
Embrace variety: don’t tweet just about your own book.  Mix it up, and engage.  – Beth Phelan
We discussed this on the blog last month (see posts hereand here), but if you’re writing for children, don’t forget to make school appearances a part of your plan.  They can really help grow your readership!  – Susan Hawk
Be interested in who your readers are! Hear them when they say hello at a book signing and chat back, listen to what they like and don’t like, reply to their positive posts with grace and fun. Enjoy your readership, and be interested in them… they are interested in you.  – Heather Flaherty 
Join the writer community because writers are readers!  Support other author’s work, be a fan – your excitement about books will come back to you, when your own work is published. – Victoria Lowes

Things change very fast and what works today might not work tomorrow, so follow the successful authors and smart marketing blogs/twitter accounts. One such site is Bookbub, they have a great blog. One fantastic blog post is 10 Simple Marketing Tools Every Author Should Know About. – Louise Fury
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