TBA Monthly Wishlist – April 2016

It’s time again for the Monthly Wishlist!  Here’s the ONE project that each TBA agent would love to see in their submission inbox. If you have something that fits with the below, please check out our submission guidelines and send it over. We can’t wait to read!

I would love a MG or YA novel that deals with growing up in an interfaith family — how comfortably, or not, two different religious traditions co-exist in one family, and what that’s like for a child or teenager – Susan Hawk

YA or MG with a unique way of telling your story – nonlinear narrative, novels in verse, multi POV’s, letters, illustrated novels, or something else really creative! Be different – Gemma Cooper

Especially as May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage month, I’m very interested in seeing more YA and MG of any genre with AAPI authors and protagonists. Show me high fantasy inspired by cultural mythology and legends, non-issuey contemporaries, and, of course, anything that feels strange and weird and creepy. Would be extra, extra happy to see more intersectional diversity as well – Beth Phelan 

Any fiction or non-fiction about a nanny/governess/tutor – Louise Fury

A YA or MG novel with a setting few (if any) books have used before. Surprise me! – Molly Ker Hawn

Honest, lovely, possibly sad, Middle-Grade – like PAX, or WOLF HOLLOW – Heather Flaherty 
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