Dresden Douglas

Pronouns: they/them or she/her

Agent: Claire Draper

DRESDEN DOUGLAS is an upcoming story artist specializing in cute, intimate comics. Their publications include Lilies Anthology, BitterxSweet, and other indie title zines. As a proud agender lesbian, a large part of their work is influenced by their enthusiasm for genuine sapphic and queer affirming content.

When Dresden isn’t busy drawing, you may find them hiking trails, watching cartoons, or playing N64 games with their future wife, Sam.

Dresden has been sharing their art and comics online since 2015, building a largely LGBTQ+ friendly audience on platforms like tumblr & twitter. You can check out Dresden’s portfolio at www.dresdendouglas.com.

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  • Cuddles
  • dancing darlings
  • distance
  • Harvest Moon Doodles
  • i love you
  • Personality parts
  • Sprout Doodles
  • tall together