Agent: Jenny Bent

P. L. Gaus

 Murder mysteries about Amish people might seem counter-intuitive, but in his Amish-Country Mysteries, P. L. Gaus illuminates Amish culture in stories that are as unique as the Amish themselves. Who are the Amish, and why do they hold themselves apart from the rest of us? What is the unique spiritual vision of this people set apart, their lives governed by steadfast adherence both to tradition and to scripture? What is it like to live Amish, think Amish, and pray Amish? Why do they eschew the conveniences of the modern world and live as simple peasant farmers, dressing always the same, farming the old ways, traveling only by horse and buggy, and worshiping privately? Why, if their lives are so plain and old-fashioned, are their numbers ever growing? In the Amish-Country Mysteries, Gaus examines culture in the context of a murder investigation, set convincingly and authentically among the most peaceful peoples of the world. 

Paul lives with his wife Madonna in Wooster, Ohio, just a few miles north of Holmes County, where the worldʼs largest and most varied settlement of Amish and Mennonite people is found. His knowledge of the culture of the “Plain People” stems from over thirty years of extensive exploration of the narrow blacktop roads and lesser gravel lanes of this pastoral community, which includes several dozen sects of Anabaptists living closely among the so-called “English” or “Yankee” non-Amish people of the county. Paul lectures widely about the Amish people he has met and about the lifestyles, culture and religion of this remarkable community of religious separatists. His website is and his blog commentary, P. L. Gausʼs Amish-Country Journal, can Journal, can be read here.  On Twitter he is @plgaus, and he maintains a web presence with Mystery Writers of America.