Claire Draper

Claire Draper

Literary Agent

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Pronouns: They/them

Claire is closed to queries.

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  • YA and MG contemporary
  • Picture books
  • Graphic novels for all ages
  • Feminist memoirs
  • Essay collections
  • Adult romance novels
  • Hobby/craft
  • Self-help/how-to
  • Literary fiction
  • Sports
  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • Thrillers
  • Books with suicide ideation, eating disorders, sexual assault or gratuitous violence

About Claire

After studying Queer Diversity in Children’s Literature at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I continued my pursuit of great books for young readers by interning at Rare Bird Lit and the Children’s Book Council, and eventually joined InkWell Management and wore many hats in my time there. In early 2019, I moved to the Bent Agency as an agent of graphic novels and a mix of fiction and nonfiction for children of all ages.

I’m currently looking for young adult fiction and middle-grade fiction, graphic novels for all ages, body positive or feminist memoirs, collections of feminist essays, romance novels for adults, hobby and craft books, self-help and how-to books. I am particularly interested in books with queer protagonists that are not issue-driven.

For YA and MG fiction, I  love contemporary fiction for young readers where the main character has average, everyday challenges and we see how they overcome them. I love a book with heart that causes an outpouring of emotions, (think Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe or We Are Okay). I am especially interested in neurodiverse protagonists.

For graphic novels, I like a diverse cast of characters, placed in nearly any genre or location. I am especially interested in more middle grade graphic novels. I love art that challenges traditional styles, but am also in love with a well drawn book. I am open to queries for all ages, fiction and nonfiction, for graphic novels.

For body positive and/or feminist memoirs and collections of essays, I want this for audiences of all ages and from persons with multiple intersections of identity. I am particularly interested in memoirs from disabled people, neurodiverse people, and/or people with mental illness. I love books with humor or a narrator with a bone to pick.

For romance novels, I want books with diverse characters that have personality and spunk. I love historical, paranormal, contemporary, nearly any genre. If it’s queer or body positive, all the better.

For hobby/craft/self-help/how-to, I want someone with a unique perspective that can lend their voice to a curious audience. I love books about DIY, homemaking, plants, and self-care. If you have a platform with a niche audience, all the better.

Claire’s guidelines for querying:

By submitting a query to me, you are agreeing to address me as Claire or Mx. Draper and that your manuscript will NOT contain the following:

  • Suicide ideation
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual assault
  • Gratuitous violence

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