Claire Draper

Claire Draper

Literary Agent

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Pronouns: They/them

Claire is closed to queries.

Please review our submission guidelines and Claire’s individual guidelines below. Then submit using their query manager form, when they reopen.

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  • Graphic novels for all ages, all genres
  • Illustrator portfolios
  • YA and MG contemporary
  • YA and MG genre
  • Queer Adult Romance novels
  • Select Queer Memoir
  • Adult literary fiction
  • Picture Books
  • Adult genre fiction
  • Books with suicide ideation, eating disorders, sexual assault, or gratuitous violence

About Claire

While studying Queer Diversity in Children’s Literature at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I interned at Rare Bird Lit, InkWell Management, and the Children’s Book Council. After graduating I spent a fantastic (if albeit short-lived) two weeks working as a bookseller for The Strand, before ending up joining InkWell Management as a receptionist and agent assistant in 2016. In early 2019, I moved to the Bent Agency to start building my list with a collection of very queer books for kids of all ages, including graphic novels, picture books, middle grade, and young adult. And then I also embarked on books for adults, when I decided to return to my favorites with particularly queer memoir and queer romance novels.

For all the books I work with, I prefer to work with queer creators and BIPOC creators, and strongly encourage those creators to send me their work. Regardless of genre, age, subject, I like lighthearted, emotional, hopeful, adventurous reads. I prefer books with a fast pace, high stakes, and strong emotional development for the main character(s). I do not want to see books from authors writing identity based books not of their own identity.

For graphic novels, I like a diverse cast of characters, placed in nearly any genre or location. I love art that challenges traditional styles and is easily recognizable as belonging to a particular artist. I am open to queries for all ages, fiction and nonfiction, for graphic novels, but especially love when a book has strong themes of love and/or friendship, and is extra queer.

For illustrator portfolios, I like to see a decent sampling of your work, including anything from character design, to fan art, to sequentials. Please let me know whether you are exclusively an illustrator or author/illustrator.

For YA and MG contemporary, I love fiction for young readers where the main character has average, everyday challenges and we see how they overcome them. I love books that are lighthearted and emotionally driven. I am especially interested in queer, disabled, and BIPOC protagonists, especially when the books are not issue driven.

For YA and MG genre, I love genre fiction for young readers with fast pacing and high stakes. I am generally not preferential to any specific genre as long as the rules of the genre are respected and understood. Like with contemporary, I am especially interested in queer, disabled, and BIPOC protagonists, especially when the books are not issue driven. But above all give me a good, page turning adventure.

For Queer Adult Romance novels, I want books with queer protagonists that have distinct personalities and a fast pace. I love nearly any genre, but require that the story is queer, feminist, and body positive. I can’t bear to read dated ideals of partnership, relationships, femininity, and masculinity. I DO NOT want books where the characters participate in sexual acts without consent and/or while heavily intoxicated. Consent is key and a requirement. Sweep me off my feet please! I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a teenager, so make sure to respect that rules of HEA and give me some good tropey filled romance.

For Queer Memoirs, I am particularly interested in memoirs from queer authors about their queerness and and the intersections of their identity. I love books with humor and interesting perspectives, and enjoy a big personality or narration to go with the contents of the memoir. I do not want conservative or conservative leaning memoirs.

Claire’s guidelines for querying:

By submitting a query to me, you are agreeing to address me as Claire or Mx. Draper and that your manuscript will NOT contain the following or it will be considered an automatic pass:

  • Suicide ideation
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual assault
  • Gratuitous violence

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