Claire Draper

Claire Draper

Literary Agent

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Pronouns: They/them

Claire is closed to queries.

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  • YA and MG contemporary
  • Picture books
  • Graphic novels for all ages
  • Feminist memoirs
  • Essay collections
  • Adult romance novels
  • Hobby/craft
  • Self-help/how-to
  • Literary fiction
  • Sports
  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • Thrillers
  • Books with suicide ideation, eating disorders, sexual assault or gratuitous violence

About Claire

While studying Queer Diversity in Children’s Literature at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I interned at Rare Bird Lit, InkWell Management, and the Children’s Book Council. After graduating I spent a fantastic (if albeit short-lived) two weeks working as a bookseller for The Strand, before ending up joining InkWell Management as a receptionist and agent assistant in 2016. Though I ended up wearing many hats in my time at InkWell, in early 2019, I moved to the Bent Agency to start building my list with a collection of very queer books for kids of all ages, including graphic novels, picture books, middle grade, and young adult. And then I also embarked on books for adults, when I decided to return to my favorites with particularly feminist and queer memoir; crafty, how-to, DIY; and queer or otherwise diverse romance novels.

I’m currently looking for young adult fiction and middle-grade fiction, graphic novels for all ages, body positive or feminist memoirs, collections of feminist essays, romance novels for adults, hobby and craft books, self-help and how-to books. I am particularly interested in books with queer protagonists that are not issue-driven.

For YA and MG fiction, I  love contemporary fiction for young readers where the main character has average, everyday challenges and we see how they overcome them. I love a book with heart that causes an outpouring of emotions, (think Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe or We Are Okay). I am especially interested in neurodiverse protagonists.

For graphic novels, I like a diverse cast of characters, placed in nearly any genre or location. I am especially interested in more middle grade graphic novels. I love art that challenges traditional styles, but am also in love with a well drawn book. I am open to queries for all ages, fiction and nonfiction, for graphic novels.

For body positive and/or feminist memoirs and collections of essays, I want this for audiences of all ages and from persons with multiple intersections of identity. I am particularly interested in memoirs from disabled people, neurodiverse people, and/or people with mental illness. I love books with humor or a narrator with a bone to pick.

For romance novels, I want books with diverse characters that have personality and spunk. I love historical, paranormal, contemporary, nearly any genre. If it’s queer or body positive, all the better.

For hobby/craft/self-help/how-to, I want someone with a unique perspective that can lend their voice to a curious audience. I love books about DIY, homemaking, plants, and self-care. If you have a platform with a niche audience, all the better.

Claire’s guidelines for querying:

By submitting a query to me, you are agreeing to address me as Claire or Mx. Draper and that your manuscript will NOT contain the following:

  • Suicide ideation
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual assault
  • Gratuitous violence

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