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Desiree Wilson

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Pronouns: they/them (preferred) or she/her

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  • Contemporary Fiction
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  • Narrative Nonfiction
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About Desiree

First and foremost, I’m always looking to find and uplift voices and stories from BIPOC authors and other disproportionately underrepresented communities. I want to read stories in which we are the heroes of our own stories, ones that center our joy and sadness and successes in the microcosms of our personal relationships. Send me your stories of BIPOC protagonists being in love, being joyous, being playful, silly, and foolish, finding love, losing love, reveling in and learning from their mistakes, and building relationships with all their flaws and desires in tow.

My perfect manuscripts combine high-concept hooks with low-concept settings and character-driven narratives, capturing a seed of truth in all the trappings of fantastical escapism. I love tangible, tactile worlds I can immerse in, and am a sucker for familiar bonds human characters and non-human creatures—from talking animals to eldritch horrors, sentient weapons to elementals, you had me at hello. I also love lush, opulent narratives, especially when tied to fantastical retellings of both Western and non-Western fairy tales with diverse, genderbent, and/or LGBTIA+ casts. I appreciate when Western retellings are given voice through non-Western lenses, especially when they cleverly adapt to the cultural expectations of their new settings.

I was born and raised in the Nevada desert and am currently trapped based in the strange, damp quarter of the Pacific Northwest under the strict supervision of a small and demanding black cat. I have lived a handful of non-publishing lives—work as a 911 dispatcher, time in the military, and a stint in healthcare to name a few—that served to develop the humanist approach that informs my publishing career. I hold my M.S. in Book Publishing and a certification in Comic Studies from Portland State University, and have previously worked with companies like Kickstarter, Counterpoint Press, Dark Horse Comics and Oni Press.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information on what I’m currently seeking, please see my manuscript wishlist.

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