Eliza Kirby

Eliza Kirby

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  • YA and MG fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Literary fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Picture books
  • Sci-fi/fantasy for adults

About Eliza

After graduating from Oberlin College with degrees in Creative Writing and French, I moved to New York to start my career in publishing. Before joining The Bent Agency, I worked at Diversion Books and Leigh Feldman Literary.

In addition to assisting Jenny Bent and John Silbersack, I am building my own list with a focus on YA/MG and adult fiction. In YA and MG, I’m looking for both resonant realism and well-crafted fantasy worlds. I have wide-ranging tastes across adult commercial and literary fiction, but I have soft spots for anything relating to cults, dysfunctional families, or mental illness.

Across all ages, I love reading about difficult friendships, especially between complex female characters, and I’m drawn to books that teach me something new about a place or a time period. Great writing is always the first thing I look for.

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