Heather Flaherty

Heather Flaherty

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  • YA Fiction
  • Middle-grade Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Thriller/Suspense/Horror
  • Upmarket and Literary Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Pop-Culture
  • Humor
  • Social Media
  • True Crime
  • Poetry
  • Reference
  • Sports
  • Self-help/How-to
  • Serious Nonfiction
  • Screenplays

About Heather

I grew up in Massachusetts, and worked in New York City as a playwright during college. After a lot of country-hopping in my early twenties, I began my publishing career in the editorial department at Random House UK. I then became a literary scout, advising foreign publishers and Hollywood on the next big books. Now, as an agent, I’m thrilled to focus on helping authors find that same success.

For YA fiction, I’m looking across the board in all genres. I especially love my YA Fantasy – whether epic and sweeping, or dark and gritty. I also adore good issue-related YA with humor and heart, and punchy contemporary YA that doesn’t hesitate when it comes to crazy. I’m a sucker for clever retellings of classic fairytales, myths, and folklore, as well as really good horror—not gory for gory’s sake, but dark, twisted, complicated, and even lovely.

As for Middle-Grade, I want it stark, honest, and even dark; contemporary or historical, as long as it’s accessible. Coming-of-age stories, dealing-with-difficulty stories, witness stories about adult issues seen through a child’s eyes, anything that makes you want to hold the narrator’s hand. These stories can have magical or fantasy elements as well.

On the Adult side, I’m looking for complex female-centric Thrillers and Commercial Women’s Fiction with solid storytelling and strong voices, both contemporary and historical. I’m also always on the lookout for fantastic Upmarket projects that bridge the gap between commercial and literary lists. And, I have a sweet-spot for good Horror; stories that are deep, dark, and disturbingly intricate.

In Nonfiction, I’m looking for Humor and Pop-Culture projects that are funny, quirky, gritty, different, relevant, needed, and/or social-media-based. I’m also eager for deep, dark True Crime projects that speak to the heart, and Memoir about overcoming crushing situations.

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