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About Laurel

I began my publishing career in the editorial department of HarperCollins Children’s Books/Katherine Tegen Books in New York City. In the past decade, I have also held positions in the marketing department at a small publishing house, in a library, and as a bookseller at one of the nation’s best independent bookstores. What I love about agenting is being the author’s number one cheerleader through all these parts of the publication process!

I am seeking young adult and middle-grade fiction with earnest, engaging voices set in immersive worlds. Fantasy, contemporary, historical settings, retellings, and manuscripts with unique elements are of specific interest. In particular, I am seeking voices that have previously been underrepresented and stories that have been overlooked. I’m also interested in middle-grade that might lend itself to illustration.

For chapter and picture books, I am seeking authors and illustrators (or author-illustrators) who bring a unique vision to their stories. In chapter books, I’m seeking sweet realistic or mystery series. My picture book tastes are diverse, ranging from sophisticated to quirky to gently humorous. I am interested in art in all mediums, but especially appreciate a smart use of color and perspective.

In nonfiction for children and young adults, I am seeking biographies, histories, and explorations of STEM elements, especially projects with series potential. I’m also interested in prospective authors with an established expertise and/or platform that lends itself to expansion into the children’s market.

With a background in both editorial and marketing-sales, I’m looking forward to partnering with you on your publishing journey!

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