Louise Fury

Louise Fury

Literary Agent

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Pronouns: She/her


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  • Graphic Novels
  • Commercial fiction
  • YA and MG
  • Self-help
  • Pop Science
  • Sports
  • True Crime
  • Romcom: historical & contemporary
  • Uniquely formatted manuscripts
  • Novels in verse
  • Memoir
  • Poetry
  • Textbook/Academic books
  • Reference
  • Westerns
  • Screenplays

About Louise

Born in South Africa, I now live in New York City and travel to Cape Town every year for two months, where I spend time working with South African writers, promoting literacy, meeting with international publishers and distributing books to disadvantaged communities. Before agenting, I worked in marketing and advertising for both the consumer markets and publishing.

Prior to joining The Bent Agency, I worked as a literary agent at the L. Perkins Agency. I represent numerous New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors and I am a huge advocate of utilizing secondary rights—In addition to print/traditional rights, I have also sold film/TV, audio, gaming, distribution and foreign rights for my clients. I believe in staying ahead of the pack by embracing change, not just adapting to it.

I’m looking for writers with a unique voice and an unforgettable and interesting story. I love experimental/unique structure, language, verse and formats.

For YA and MG, I’d love modern retellings, STEM stories, heartfelt and/or funny contemporary novels and all types of middle grade fantasy. Always looking for books with well developed secondary characters.

For nonfiction I’m particularly interested in pop science, self-help, cookbooks, true crime, humor,  pop culture and sports. In romance, I love female heroines with unusual jobs or jobs usually reserved for the hero. I’d love it to be a layered, light and fun contemporary novel or a fresh and modern historical that reads like a romantic comedy.  I  love the fish-out-of-water trope, stories about nannies, body positivity, strong writing and diverse voices.

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