Our Team

The Bent Agency represents well over a century of experience in the publishing industry, and our agents have backgrounds in editorial, marketing, and subsidiary rights. Our list is diverse, which means we represent what we love, including writers of history, humor, lifestyle, inspiration, memoir, literary fiction, children’s books and commercial fiction.

Our Team at a glance

Nicola Barr

Nicola Barr — Literary Agent

Nicola Barr represents literary and commercial fiction for adults and children, and nonfiction in the areas of sports, popular science, popular culture, and social and cultural history. Read More.

Nicola is open to queries.

Jenny Bent

Jenny Bent — Literary Agent

Jenny Bent represents literary and commercial adult, young adult, and middle-grade fiction. She also represents nonfiction in the areas of memoir, humor and select narrative nonfiction. Read More.

Jenny is closed to queries.

Victoria Cappello

Victoria Cappello — Literary Agent

Victoria Cappello represents commercial and literary adult fiction as well as narrative nonfiction. Read More.

Victoria is closed to queries.

Gemma Cooper

Gemma Cooper — Literary Agent

Gemma Cooper represents authors and author/illustrators who write chapter books, middle-grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as select adult graphic novels. Read More.

Gemma is open to queries.

Nissa Cullen

Nissa Cullen — Director of Operations

Nissa Cullen is our director of operations. Read More.

Nissa is closed to queries.

Claire Draper

Claire Draper — Literary Agent

Claire Draper represents graphic novels for all ages, middle-grade and young adult fiction, feminist memoir and essay collections. Read More.

Claire is closed to queries.

Louise Fury

Louise Fury — Literary Agent

Louise Fury represents adult, young adult and middle-grade fiction and nonfiction, as well as novels with a graphic element or illustrations. Read More.

Louise is closed to queries.

Molly Ker Hawn

Molly Ker Hawn — Literary Agent

Molly Ker Hawn primarily represents authors who write for the young adult and middle-grade market. Read More.

Molly is open to queries.

Amelia Hodgson

Amelia Hodgson — Rights Agent

Amelia manages foreign rights for TBA’s clients. Read More.

Amelia is closed to queries.
James Mustelier   

James Mustelier — Literary Agent

James Mustelier represents a range of literary and commercial adult, young adult, and middle-grade fiction. Read More.

James is closed to queries.

Martha Perotto-Wills

Martha Perotto-Wills — Agency Assistant

Martha assists the Bent Agency’s London office. Read More.

Martha is closed to queries.

Zoë Plant

Zoë Plant — Literary Agent

Zoë Plant represents a range of adult fiction (sci-fi/fantasy, horror) as well as middle-grade and young adult fiction. Read More.

Zoë is open to queries.

John Silbersack

John Silbersack — Literary Agent

John Silbersack represents a wide range of adult fiction (mystery/thriller, literary fiction, sci-fi/fantasy), adult nonfiction (history, current events, politics, biography, memoir, science and pop culture) as well as some young adult and middle-grade. Read More.

John is closed to queries.

Laurel Symonds

Laurel Symonds — Literary Agent

Laurel Symonds represents authors and illustrators of children’s fiction and nonfiction, from picture books to young adult. Read More.

Laurel is open to queries.

Desiree Wilson

Desiree Wilson — Literary Agent

Desiree Wilson represents commercial and literary fiction for middle grade, young adult, and adults, graphic novels for all ages, and memoir. Read More.

Desiree is closed to queries.


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