Christopher Finch

Agent: John Silbersack

Christopher Finch was born in Guernsey in the British Channel Islands and now lives in Los Angeles. He is an artist and a photographer who has had one-person shows in New York and California, and he is the author of almost thirty non-fiction books including the best sellers Rainbow: the Stormy Life of Judy Garland, The Art of Walt Disney, Jim Henson: the Works, and Norman Rockwell’s America. Recently he has embarked on a series of noir-inflected mystery novels set in New York in the late 1960s featuring the private investigator Alex Novalis. These books draw on his own experiences in the New York art world at a time when today’s SoHo was an urban wilderness with rats frolicking in the gutters and artists eking out a living in barren loft spaces. He is married to Linda Rosenkrantz, an author and a co-founder of the website Nameberry.

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