H. Leighton Dickson

Agent: Desiree Wilson

H. Leighton Dickson grew up in the wilds of the Canadian Shield, where her neighbours were wolves, moose, falcons and deer. This marvelous backdrop encouraged a sense of wonder and exploration of the natural world through painting, writing and science. A lifelong geek, Heather studied Zoology at the University of Guelph, ON, and worked for a time at the Edinburgh Zoological Gardens, Scotland. She also worked as a scullery maid in a great house in Lancashire, UK, before returning home to settle down with a professional photographer in the north.

In early 2012, Heather began to explore the world of indie publishing with SciFi/Fantasy series like The Rise of the Upper Kingdom, and Cold Stone & Ivy. The threads of science and wonder are woven throughout all of her novels, most especially in the award-winning DRAGON OF ASH & STARS: The Autobiography of a Night Dragon. She is an active part of the Northern Ontario literary scene, writing for Bayview Magazine and co-founding the group, Laughing Fox Writers. This focus on fostering opportunities for regional writers won her the NOWW Elizabeth Kouhi Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Literature of Northwestern Ontario. Still a geek at heart, she also co-founded ThunderCon, a regional pop culture convention celebrating fandom of all genres.

She loves to travel and has many adventures with 3 creative children, 1 terribly serious grandbaby, 3 big dogs, 2 wild cats, a fat horse and a very patient husband. The wolves, moose, falcons and deer still come to call.

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