Helen Whitaker

Agent: Sarah Hornsley

Helen Whitaker lives in Walthamstow, London, with her husband and 2-year-old son, and works as a journalist. Currently the Deputy Editor of High Life magazine (British Airways’ in-flight magazine), she was previously Entertainment Director at Glamour UK (yes, she will tell you the best and worst celebrities to work with if you press her) and contributes to publications including The Telegraph, Total Film, and BBC Three. She also writes a monthly parenting column for sheerluxe.com where she celebrates and laments the trials of raising a toddler – such as not having to have set an alarm since 2015 and how many gastro-bugs it’s possible to contract from one tiny human (admittedly it’s mainly lamenting in those two scenarios). 

Whitaker’s debut is a comedy called THE SCHOOL RUN about how far two friends will go to get their child into the perfect school.

Publishing with Trapeze (Orion), Helen’s second novel, I GIVE IT A YEAR, will be released January 2021.

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