Hope Cook

Agent: Heather Flaherty

Hope Cook has been on a path to writing fantasy nonsense since she was eleven and insisted to her accountant father that she believed in fairies.
They were hiking through an old growth forest filled with creeping moss and trees that were watching. Tiny Hope’s impractical soul needed to make a statement.
“I believe in fairies,” she announced.
“Yes, okay,” her father said.
Sensing she was being patronized, tiny Hope said, “no, I really believe in fairies.”
This was more than any practical accountant could be expected to endure. “Don’t be ridiculous,” he said.
She didn’t listen.
Hope is now professionally ridiculous, writing speculative YA and cohabiting with a demanding Chihuahua named Reepicheep. She lives in Edmonton, Canada.

Her debut YA novel, HOUSE OF ASH, was published by Amulet/Abrams (September 2017).

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