Iman Mahoui

Agent: Jenny Bent

A rising senior at Indiana University studying Neuroscience and International Studies, Iman Mahoui’s engagement and work ethic throughout her schooling as a youth advocate and peer mentor provided her with unique opportunities to reach and affect diverse groups of students and adults alike. Her passions lie in science, political outreach, raising environmental and social awareness, book, nature, and writing about any or all of the aforementioned topics. Iman hopes to become a clinical research physician someday and although her background lay in scientific research, it was because of her professors, friends, and mentors at Indiana University that she became inspired to write for the sake of writing. Through her words, she discovered a platform through which she may call attention to some of the world’s darkest, and brightest, realities.

In addition to her studies, she has served a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the United Way and Central Indiana, where she was responsible for reviewing agencies and reporting on their progress from both an educational and professional standpoint. As a member of Indiana University’s congress and chair of the student relation’s committee, she passed bills and promoted agenda’s to further each students’ academic and social experience at Indiana University. She also served as an executive board member of No Lost Generation, relocating refugees to the state of Indiana under the umbrella of Exodus Refugee, and continues to serve as an editorial board member in the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research, developing and sustaining an annual, student-run, faculty-mentored undergraduate research publication for Indiana University.

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