Jack Wallington


Jack Wallington is a landscape designer and an award winning garden and nature writer. His work is published regularly in The Telegraph, Gardens Illustrated and RHS The Garden, as well as Gardener’s World Magazine, The Guardian, Rakes Progress and others. He has designed over 40 gardens, from private homes to businesses and public spaces, melding nature-inspired planting and contemporary landscaping.

After a number of years of searching for more meaning in his life, Jack quit his stressful career in digital publishing and retrained as a Royal Horticultural Society qualified gardener and designer, studying with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. His tiny urban garden in Clapham, London is focussed on attracting wildlife and housing rare and endangered exotics, as well as being a playground for his cat, Rumbles. It has been featured in a number of TV and radio shows, as well as magazine and book articles. He is a champion of sustainable methods in gardening, and has an allotment where he grows an assortment of quirky vegetables organically and using peat-free compost.

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