Jessica Verday

Agent: Heather Flaherty

Jessica Verday is the New York Times-bestselling author of THE HOLLOW TRILOGY, THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DAMNED, and OF MONSTERS & MADNESS. A life-long book lover, and avid reader, Jessica wrote her first story when she was eleven. Titled “Bobby’s Bazillion Bananas” it was about a boy named Bobby who planted a banana in his backyard where it sprouted into a banana tree overnight. There were – you guessed it – a bazillion bananas.

It was foretold she would one day become a circus clown, but then she moved to a haunted house and saw the ghost of Edith Ford and naturally, decided to become a writer instead. She really likes Johnny Cash, rainy nights, cemeteries, vintage chairs, old postcards, antique stores, and a good bottle of bourbon.

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