Lisa Glass

Agent: Nicola Barr

Lisa Glass is the author of Prince Rupert’s Teardrop, a dark literary novel, and the Blue trilogy of YA surf novels, published by Quercus Children’s Books in the UK and US, and in Polish and German translation. She grew up on a large council estate in Plymouth and is of Armenian heritage, by dint of her maternal grandmother who survived the Armenian genocide as a child refugee. When she was twenty-one, Lisa left university to run away to Cyprus and live in a men’s barrack block with her military boyfriend, but returned the next year to finish her BA in English, which she followed with a master’s degree in Creative Writing. She lives in Newquay with the military boyfriend-turned-husband, two daughters and an eighty-year-old tortoise called Shelley, who’s been part of her in-laws’ family since the mid-twentieth century.

Lisa is working on a new novel.

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