Naomi Franquiz

Agent: Desiree Wilson

Naomi Franquiz (she/her) is a Latina freelance illustrator and comic book artist currently based in delightfully dank Florida. She focuses on diverse and inclusive character-driven narratives that explore concepts such as found family, identity, and independence. She is perhaps best known for her expressive character work, as well as her penchant for giving everyone an excellent pair of eyebrows.

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  • The Gator Sitter
  • Flight
  • Storyteller_cover_Franquiz
  • TalesFromHarrowCounty_003_Cover
  • SQGIRL2018041_003
  • SQGIRL2018041_004
  • TFHC_i3_PG_19
  • TFHC_i3_PG_20
  • Willowcover_Franquiz

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