Richard Fifield

Agent: Jenny Bent

THE FLOOD GIRLS draws from my own life experience—I grew up in Troy, Montana, a town of 956 people, and could not be prouder of my hometown. I currently reside in Missoula, Montana, where I have worked for the past twenty years as a social worker for adults with intellectual disabilities. I received my BA from the University Of Montana, and my MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. I currently volunteer as a creative writing teacher at the Zootown Arts Community Center, a non-profit arts collective. Additionally, I am an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and my proudest accomplishment is living nine years of sobriety. Finally, just to throw you a total curveball (softball pun intended), I also direct hip-hop music videos in my free time, which you can find on Youtube. Writing this book has been a life-changing experience—I now play softball, which is completely insane given my inherent lack of athletic ability; I still refuse to run past first base.

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