Ruby Rare

Agent: Nicola Barr

Ruby Rare is a pink-haired sex educator on a mission to get people talking more confidently and inclusively about sex. She’s curious to have the conversations many shy away from, with a nuanced perspective that holds inclusion and sex positivity at the very core. Her work is influenced by her experiences as a bisexual, non-monogamous, dual-heritage woman.

Unlike many other popular sex positive figures, Ruby comes from a background of working directly with young people and marginalised groups, delivering relationship and sex education across the country.

Her work in sex education began at Brook, the UK’s leading sexual health charity for young people. After studying English Literature at Warwick University, she joined the charity in 2015 as a volunteer, and over the next 5 years worked her way up, delivering sex and relationship education to young people aged 11-25, training professionals on how to provide inclusive and engaging sex ed, and managing a free condom distribution scheme across 5 London boroughs. In 2019, she took on managing Let’s Talk. Period – a national project tackling period poverty. At just 26, she was the youngest person to hold a position at this level in the organisation. Ruby is now proud to be a Brook ambassador, and supports the charity as an education consultant.

In 2017, Ruby ran her first workshop for an adult audience (it was about how to consume porn in a mindful and positive way). She found that adult audiences had just as many questions as the teenagers she worked with – wherever we’re at in life, there’s always more we can learn about sex. Since then, she’s spoken at the Women of the World Festival, BBC Woman’s Hour, Anti Diet Riot Club, and Refinery 29 events, as well as hosting her own monthly events at The Book Club on a whole host of topics – non-monogamy, guides to pleasure and sex toys, and why being a slut is actually quite fun. She’s built a 45K strong following on Instagram and has become a public figure in the sex positive community. She’s been featured in Time Out, MTV, Pink News, and Huffington Post.

Ruby is also a body positive champion. In 2018 she co-founded Body Love Sketch Club, a body positive life drawing class where everyone is invited to pose (nude or clothed) as well as draw, as a way of exploring our relationships with our bodies and celebrating nudity in a non-sexual setting. She discusses body positivity on social media, and in 2019 was part of @BBCBodyPositive’s body positive Campaign.

In her spare time, Ruby eats an obscene amount of vegan jelly, watches the powerpuff girls, and collects vintage peignoirs.

Her first book, SEX ED: A GUIDE FOR ADULTS, is published by Bloomsbury.

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