Sheila Grau

Agent: Molly Ker Hawn

Sheila Grau grew up in an old house that had a library with a secret closet built behind the bookshelves. She was able to tuck herself into that little nook to ponder life’s mysteries, like how her mother knew she was dropping her broccoli to the dog at dinnertime. (Answer: The dog didn’t like broccoli either, and spit it out on the floor).

Through the years, one mystery in particular seemed to have no answer: Where do evil overlords get their minions? Unable to find an answer to that mystery, she thought it would be fun to make one up, and her debut middlegrade novel DR. CRITCHLORE’S SCHOOL FOR MINIONS was published by Amulet Books/Abrams in 2015, kicking off a series that Kirkus Reviews called “a droll addition to the magical school genre, worthy of a seat toward the front of the (Harry) Potter-wagon.” She is also the author of a standalone middle-grade novel, THE BOY WITH SEVENTEEN SENSES.

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