Susan Allott

Agent: Nicola Barr

Susan Allott is a British writer who lived and worked in Australia in the late nineties. She suffered acute homesickness and returned home to London, only to meet an Australian man who she went on to marry. She and her husband live in south London with their children. Susan’s debut THE SILENCE, which is set in Australia, grew from her need to make amends with a continent that has not let go of her, despite a rocky beginning.

THE SILENCE was published in August 2020 by Borough Press (Harper Collins, UK). The UK paperback will follow in April 2021.

THE SILENCE was published in North America in May 2020 by William Morrow (Harper Collins, US) with the paperback to follow in July 2021.

In Australia and New Zealand THE SILENCE was published by Harper Collins in May 2020.

Harper Collins published THE SILENCE in the rest of its English language territories in August 2020.

In Italy THE SILENCE will be published by Harper Italia and in France by Editions Belfond. In Poland THE SILENCE will be published by White Dot.

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