Susan Emshwiller

Agent: John Silbersack

Susan Emshwiller was raised in Levittown, N.Y. by writer Carol Emshwiller and sci-fi illustrator, avant-guard filmmaker Ed Emshwiller. She got her BFA from Syracuse University in painting and printmaking and her MFA from California Institute of the Arts, where she studied film. She has written and directed several plays including the critically acclaimed and award winning “Brush Stokes,” inspired by paintings of Edward Hopper. Her play “Dominoes” is available through the Dramatists Play Service, and “Defrosting Popsicles” is published via Playscripts Inc. Susan has written screenplays on spec and for hire; most notably, she is a co-writer of the Academy Award-winning film Pollock.

Susan’s feature film, In the Land of Milk and Money, a wild social satire, garnered awards and rave reviews at festivals in the US and internationally. She has written and directed short films, commercials, and music videos.

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