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As part of a continuing series on our blog, HOW I FOUND MY AGENT, here is a guest post by Ami Allen-Vath about her querying experience and how she came to be represented by our agency. I’m so thrilled to … Continue reading

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Here is a new post in the “How I Found My Agent” series, by author Marta McDowell, who, full disclosure, happens to be my aunt. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, “How annoying. If I were lucky … Continue reading

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A new post by Jennifer Archer in the “How I Found My Agent/How I Sold My First Book” series. I should preface this by saying that everything about Jenny’s story goes against conventional wisdom. I’m sure I have counseled people … Continue reading

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This post is from my lovely and incredibly talented client Lori Roy, whose first novel BENT ROAD published in April. I love stories like this one because once again it disproves the notion of “overnight” success–Lori had been writing for … Continue reading

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